Wednesday, June 3, 2009

EAP 1 punching

Punching Projector from Ryan Spargo on Vimeo.

EAP 1 reworked from Ryan Spargo on Vimeo.


Willem Wynand said...

cool =) think the antic for the big punch could pull back a little more and have the weight shift to that hind leg =) but yeah cool, good work =)

Mitch said...

Personally I think if he leaned back any more for the punch he'd be knocking himself off balance making it very hard to reverse the momentum into the punch. I think its looking awesome so far. He's showing some good emotion, and I like the self inflicted damage at the end.

Ian said...

Hey Ryan

This great, a nice mixture of action and acting. Rare and precious in student work.

To make that last punch have more impact we want as much change as possible. You are denying yourself one major kind of change by having a line of action on the anticipation and the actual punch both arc the same way. If you had the anticipation arc back the other way then you could have a "reversal" in the line of action when he punches. More change. More impact. We feel the punch more, We feel the pain in his hand more. We relate to his reacttion more. YAY


Nanow said...

Thanks for all the great input its really helping me
My reworked version isn’t up-to-date yet it’s just another play blast with a few tweaked things ,but I will eventually upload one with a more defined lOA reversal and I may try pushing a few more things
Thanks everyone